New and Used Ambulances for Sale

Rocky Mountain Emergency Vehicles is the leading provider of ambulances in the Rocky Mountain region. They are dealers for Life Line and AEV ambulances in Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas and Nebraska.

Life Line is the premiere builder of ambulances in the United States. Life Line engineering is relentlessly focused on producing coaches that outperform the competition for quiet, comfort, ride, and durability. Every feature is designed to reduce strain, add stability and allow for maximum efficiency. It's Life Line's Quality Difference; ambulances built by people who care.


Rocky Mountain Emergency Vehicles is also a dealer for the the Tank Boss.The Tank Boss is an innovative solution for lifting and moving oxygen cylinders. Specifically designed to vertically raise tanks up to 27", it is ideal for loading tanks into ambulances.

There is also a horizontal lift which raises to 44'. These are to separate lifts.

vertical tank bossThis zero- lift device is simple and effective to use.

Don't be fooled by systems that are merely for helping load oxygen cylinders. The Tank Boss will do the actual lifting for you.

Durable and Reliable, Let the Tank Boss do the lifting!

                                                            stop back injuries  lifting injuries stop here         


Rocky Mountain Emergency Vehicles is also a a local connection for Guardian pediatric restraint System. 

As you know, safely transporting infants and children in emergency vehicles can be a challenge. Rear facing seats, storage limitations and additional training requirements can make seats designed for passenger vehicles difficult or impossible to use. We have introduced the Guardian Safety Seat to specifically address those challenges, and make transporting children of all ages and sizes safe and easy for emergency services.  

The design of the Guardian Safety Seat is both innovative and practical.  The Guardian design has garnered recognition and awards from the EMS, CPS, and engineering worlds. The Guardian has been selected as one of “Hot Products” at the EMS Today Conference, a “Top Pick” at the EMS Expo, and an award winner at the International Design Excellence Awards. The Guardian has also been included in lectures at several national passenger safety conferences. 

Outwardly the Guardian appears to be a very attractive and sturdy adult attendant seat, but its “4 seats in 1” design is what makes it unique. Behind the adult seat backrest is a pull down child seating section. This alone is not unusual as there are several other seats on the market that at first glance may appear similar. However, this is where the first major innovation in the Guardian can be found. Unlike other seats that go from 1 year up to a maximum of 6 years old and 50 pounds, the Guardian’s child seat provides safe and comfortable seating for children all the way up to 10 years old and 85 pounds. This means that there is no need to carry, store and train on an additional booster seat for larger children. 

While the ability to safely transport children from 1 to 10 years is extremely important, it still leaves the question of what to do with infants too small to fit into the child seat. The Guardian answers this question with an infant seat hidden inside its frame. Simply remove and store the seat cushion assembly with one pull of the release lever and the infant seat is exposed. In one quick motion the infant seat can be deployed and locked into the correct position. This eliminates the need to store a separate infant seat, as well as the time and training required to correctly secure a belt in seat. The Guardian’s infant seat secures newborns and infants ranging from 5 to 22 pounds.

The Guardian may be ordered in new vehicles and can also be retrofitted into many older ambulances.


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